Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Albela Saajan Aayo

Manarang was a court musician to a Mughal Emperor and has many popular compositions to his credit.
I find this bandish simply amazing! The lyrics convey immense joy, they could easily fit into a Raga of a happy and lighter mood, but here, it is composed in a Raga that is mellow and devotional. I haven't heard of any other bandish with such a contrast.
I wondered why and this is what I got as the answer.
Who deserves so much happiness?Only the one that has gone through the penance of intense pain!
Also, Saajan is more than just a physical presence, it's a feeling experienced by a heart soaked in love! For the night sky, the full-moon is the Saajan; for flowers, spring is Saajan; for a Veena, Her notes are the Saajan! Before finding the ultimate happiness, all of them go through the pain of the wait.

The picture above is of the tabla maestro Pt Samta Prasadji. Amitji and Sandeepji shared an interesting anecdote of their celebrated maternal grandfather. Once, Panditji was travelling in the train with a kathak dance troupe and they were kidnapped by bandits to be looted in their jungle!!! It so happened, the chief of the 'daakus' was a music lover and he asked the artistes to perform. By the end of the performance, he got ecstatic and he presented a 'haar' of jewels to Panditji and Panditji dare not refuse taking it!
" Life is a layakari of dugun, death is infinite"- Pt Samta Prasad

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