Monday, 6 February 2012

Mero Allah Meherbaan
                                   Koi Bigaad Sakat Nahin Tero, Man Lije Tu Thaan.
                                                     Auliya Peer Paigambar Dhyaave,
Ali Nabi Ko Rutbo Paave,
Hasan Hussain Pyaare Jinke, Mujhko Diyo Imaan. 
                                                         My Allah is ever so Gracious,
                                  Nothing can harm you; O Mind, Determine this!
                                      The Wise, Saints and Paigambar have knowm You,
                                   Beloved of many Saints;You blessed me with 'Conscience'.

It is one of the master piece compositions by one of the greatest Hindustani Vocalists of our country Pandit Jasrajji.
Faith can move mountains. This age old wisdom elaborated in 'faith-ful' Lyrics of this composition. The devotee of Allah is fearless, nothing can harm when Allah has His Love showered on him.
Allah symbolizes everything that help us be Fearless. It could be a person that we Love, our Guru, our family, our conscience or simply the love for Love!
Fearlessness helps us to know what is True and to stand by it when the sea gets rough!!
This Bandish is a fine example of Pt Jasrajji's mastery on  Ragadari, Poetry and above all his Love for the Divine.
One of my top favorites, this is the first bandish that we recorded in our newly opened studio, 'Lotus Feet' with most wonderfully talented musician friends, Shankar bhai and Amitji.

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