Monday, 9 July 2012

Raga Megh

Raga Megh is a magical Raga! It can enchant, soothe and refresh, just like the first showers
of rain. The nature is  the lover and the rains, the beloved! The long wait before the beloved arrives feels unbearable, but when the the beloved finally comes, Aha! This feeling of unison is beautifully captured in raga Megh with its "meend" ( glides) and grandeur!
We like to keep our videos short considering people are multi tasking while listening :) but Megh is one raga that can be elaborated to the hearts content and still never seems to have an end!
To have Anuradhaji at the studio was a dream come true! She shared with us some amazing insights of her art and her queer experiences while she started out as a tabla player. A wonderful person and an artiste that India is so proud of, Anuradhaji told us she likes to inspire new artists.
Siddheshji has the rare art of mastering two instruments ;Jal Tarang and Harmonium,  the fact that amazes all who have heard him on both the instruments!

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