Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hindustani and Fusion- Whats the difference?

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A year and a half ago, Shankar did a rearrangement of this timeless 'bandish', it turned out to be a successful attempt in creating a fusion piece!
A fusion piece is usually structured, each musician has his/her own part fixed, more in the lines of a film song. Whereas a classical rendition of the same Song/Bandish is a spontaneous overflow of the Raga. The only structured part is the four lines that comprises of the song, rest of it is improvised, depending on variety of factors. Although the melody remains the same, one song can be performed in different ways in Hindustani Music whereas there is a limited scope for improvising in Fusion Songs. Each one has it's own individual charm and appeals to different set of audiences. There are listeners who appreciate both the forms!

Bhimpalasi is a late afternoon Raga, deep and serious in demeanor yet sweet and soothing to the heart! Pt Jasraj, Pta Kishori Amonkar and Pt Rajan and Sajan Mishra have weaved magic through their renditions of the Raga, each one depicts the beauty of the Raga in her/his own signature style..

This is a genuine promise, wont take so long for new music :)
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Raga Megh

Raga Megh is a magical Raga! It can enchant, soothe and refresh, just like the first showers
of rain. The nature is  the lover and the rains, the beloved! The long wait before the beloved arrives feels unbearable, but when the the beloved finally comes, Aha! This feeling of unison is beautifully captured in raga Megh with its "meend" ( glides) and grandeur!
We like to keep our videos short considering people are multi tasking while listening :) but Megh is one raga that can be elaborated to the hearts content and still never seems to have an end!
To have Anuradhaji at the studio was a dream come true! She shared with us some amazing insights of her art and her queer experiences while she started out as a tabla player. A wonderful person and an artiste that India is so proud of, Anuradhaji told us she likes to inspire new artists.
Siddheshji has the rare art of mastering two instruments ;Jal Tarang and Harmonium,  the fact that amazes all who have heard him on both the instruments!

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Naadan Hiyra

Naadan Hiyra Raga Des, Taal Addha Simple is beautiful! In a few simple words, we can hear a story! The lyrics have a folkish feel and the melody evokes the light mood of Des. What a wonderful raga Des is! It boasts of many bandishes conveying a variety of emotions. And that is why, Des is one of the most loved raga for thumris, bhajans and light classical compositions. Santosh Ghante on harmonium, is the disciple of late Pt Appasaheb Jalgaonkar. A very talented player, he also has authored a book on his Guru, Sur Sakha. Amit Mishra gives the perfect accompaniment on tabla, as always! We recorded this bandish when our two young neices visited us. During the recording, they played badminton outside the studio and after the recording each one of us were playing badminton with them! Thank you for reading and we really value your suggestions on which raga/ bandish you would like us to perform! In Music, Nirali.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Albela Saajan Aayo

Manarang was a court musician to a Mughal Emperor and has many popular compositions to his credit.
I find this bandish simply amazing! The lyrics convey immense joy, they could easily fit into a Raga of a happy and lighter mood, but here, it is composed in a Raga that is mellow and devotional. I haven't heard of any other bandish with such a contrast.
I wondered why and this is what I got as the answer.
Who deserves so much happiness?Only the one that has gone through the penance of intense pain!
Also, Saajan is more than just a physical presence, it's a feeling experienced by a heart soaked in love! For the night sky, the full-moon is the Saajan; for flowers, spring is Saajan; for a Veena, Her notes are the Saajan! Before finding the ultimate happiness, all of them go through the pain of the wait.

The picture above is of the tabla maestro Pt Samta Prasadji. Amitji and Sandeepji shared an interesting anecdote of their celebrated maternal grandfather. Once, Panditji was travelling in the train with a kathak dance troupe and they were kidnapped by bandits to be looted in their jungle!!! It so happened, the chief of the 'daakus' was a music lover and he asked the artistes to perform. By the end of the performance, he got ecstatic and he presented a 'haar' of jewels to Panditji and Panditji dare not refuse taking it!
" Life is a layakari of dugun, death is infinite"- Pt Samta Prasad

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Mero Allah Meherbaan
                                   Koi Bigaad Sakat Nahin Tero, Man Lije Tu Thaan.
                                                     Auliya Peer Paigambar Dhyaave,
Ali Nabi Ko Rutbo Paave,
Hasan Hussain Pyaare Jinke, Mujhko Diyo Imaan. 
                                                         My Allah is ever so Gracious,
                                  Nothing can harm you; O Mind, Determine this!
                                      The Wise, Saints and Paigambar have knowm You,
                                   Beloved of many Saints;You blessed me with 'Conscience'.

It is one of the master piece compositions by one of the greatest Hindustani Vocalists of our country Pandit Jasrajji.
Faith can move mountains. This age old wisdom elaborated in 'faith-ful' Lyrics of this composition. The devotee of Allah is fearless, nothing can harm when Allah has His Love showered on him.
Allah symbolizes everything that help us be Fearless. It could be a person that we Love, our Guru, our family, our conscience or simply the love for Love!
Fearlessness helps us to know what is True and to stand by it when the sea gets rough!!
This Bandish is a fine example of Pt Jasrajji's mastery on  Ragadari, Poetry and above all his Love for the Divine.
One of my top favorites, this is the first bandish that we recorded in our newly opened studio, 'Lotus Feet' with most wonderfully talented musician friends, Shankar bhai and Amitji.

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